Thick Skin "Show" 
Monday Nights at Hemingways Weekly standup comedy with club pros and festival performers, hosted by myself and a weekly Co-Host. Free! starting at 9pm going till close! 2am kitchen and $5 Pints Check us out on fb @ twitter @thickskinshow  

October 2016- Present- (once a month alternate dates) Friday- 8 pm-11pm at 106 Mutual Street (PROD) - Open Mic after the show (MC)

Special Nights

Bits & Bites Comedy @ Come and Get it Sept 15th 2016 -Thursday at 8pm & 10 pm (MC) (PROD) TORONTO, CAN


Past Shows

The Ha Shish Show @ Canabis Culture Nov- 2016- 2017 at 930pm  461 Church st (MC) TORONTO, CAN

Free w any purchase. $5 off any Hash - plus give aways - special show end of each month MAJOR Headliners !! 

Skin of My Nuts Comedy @ Sonic April 2012- January 2017 (MC) (PROD) TORONTO, CAN

Skin of My Nuts Comedy @ The Corner Comedy Club - August 2015 to May 2016 (MC) (PROD) TORONTO,CAN

Thirsty Thursdays w/ Vandad Kardar @ GoodWeeds Lounge - Summer 2016 (MC) (Prod:  Chris Goodwin) TORONTO,CAN

Grits Pits & Bits @ Christie Pits Pub MUSIC & COMEDY - Oct 2015 to Jan 2016 (MC) (PROD) TORONTO,CAN

Saffron & Gold @ Christie Pits Pub MUSIC & COMEDY - Jan 2015 to March 2015 w/Host Elaine Gold (PROD) TORONTO,CAN

Queens Puss Comedy @ The Regal Beaver Sept - Sept 2014 to March 2015 (MC) (PROD) TORONTO,CAN

Steamy Creamy Comedy @ Pamenar - Summer 2013 & Winter 2015 (MC) (PROD) TORONTO,CAN

Skin of My Nuts Comedy High Class Nutters @ Jerome's Cucina - Sept 2013 to March 2015 (MC) (PROD) TORONTO,CAN

Skin of My Nuts Comedy NUTS FOR THE ROAD @ Marshalls Bar & Grill (MC) (PROD) ESPENOLA,CAN