Fckonomics is a Podcast with trouble makers Ryan Long and Danny Polichuk every week Episode 92 w/ Vanad Kardar

Performing at Absolute Comedy Toronto June 2016


w/Scott Mclean

Photo by Scott Mclean http://www.mcleanisms.com

“A lot of it is poor impulse control, if I feel that something is on my mind, then I’ll share it. On Facebook, I’ll share things all day; a crazy, wide array of politics, race issues, drugs, sex, a lot of the items I have an opinion on, and it’s just to say lets discuss. After that moment cooler heads may prevail, I might re-evaluate [what I posted], and I might not be so hard about what I’m sharing, but in that moment I’m worked up. Depending on how it’s received I may make an effort to resolve a conflict or misunderstanding, but at some point I do start to enjoy [the conflict] to my detriment. I’m like an open wound, it’s a strength and a weakness.” – Vandad Kardar

For the uninitiated, Vandad Kardar can be a lot to take in.

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wolverine beard

in 2014 Ezra Levent and his SUNTV goons started ripping tents open at occupy toronto while activist slept and volenteer night watch marshalls made sure roving drug addicts and drunks, theives, pan handlers, police, hooligans looking for a fight or anyone else including counter protestors and agents of oppression could not endanger those who were asleep- one such group of trouble makers mentioned above came in at 4 am while vandad was on duty and decided to do some fake journalisim - though SUNTV is now defunct the propaganda machine of SUN NEWS & its website are still active- Vandadk.com in NO WAY endorses his horrible outlet of hatred , lies and all out treason to Canadian values - the full program EZRA DEBUNKS OCCUPY TORONTO in which Vandad is seen and talked about as the scary WOLVERINE BEARD is avail to view HERE