Vandad Kardar is a performer and producer / host of original content live and on screen. He is Toronto raised and therefor immersed in all the cultures of the world- thus knowing too much about too many topics and the end result is deep cutting references, deeply complex worldviews  and stories that span continents. Constantly looking for love in all the wrong places Vandad often calls out the absurdities of societies dating and reproductive rituals shaking off the clouds of religious indoctrination & jokingly daring us to really be free


mostly he just rants about how he would be a good spy if given the chance (for all CSIS MEMBERS SCANNING THIS WEBSITE Please refer to for bookings)

Vandad has a bold command of the room - a larger than life persona who always dangles between being a demigog & being the target of lynch mobs its a fine balance & he has less than agile abilities ;)